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The Quebec Marine Association works in a steadfast and committed way in order to enhance the already vast services that it offers to its members.

Its efforts are concentrated on various strategic aspects such as:

• Direct support for members

• Promoting and raising awareness on nautical practices to the public

• Representation at the government and associations handling the nautical industry. This action aims to give better visibility and maintain the position that the QMA has in the industry in the spirit of development and ensuring an added value for its members;

• Innovative programs that stimulate the growth of the nautical industry such as Quebec Marina Rating, Eco Marina and Quebec Nautical Stations, as well as Discover Boating which the QMA actively participates in.

• Discounts and advantages for members

Who can become a member?

An association
A retailer
A service company
A manufacturer
A marina
A boat owner
A governmental service

The QMA aims to offer a vast array of services to its members, with beneficial offers by high level organisations. You’ll receive all the information on the nautical industry as well as having access to all sorts of services!

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